Youssef Abado - Full Biography 

Multicultural and multilingual musician, due to his origins and the geographical hazards of an intense life, Youssef ABADO’s music highlights this complex alchemy, across roads and essences of the world.


Youssef’s songs reflect his image : written and composed in different languages ​​(Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English and French ) and varying musical styles (Oriental, Latin , soul...) picked up in his daily puzzle. They are roaming songs, enriched by many traditions, and they reflect the contrasts and dualities that make up his personal journey.


His debut album "Solo En Mi Cabeza " has been recorded, produced and mixed between Bordeaux , Brasilia and Berlin !


"In between pop , bossa nova , rock and world music , Youssef Abado ignores chapels and borders. Melodically accessible , the disc’s seven tracks shine of the sun they contain and that warms the heart of this gifted guitarist and singer. Rocked by acoustic or electric cords, his deep velvety voice is combined in all languages​​, from English to Arabic, Italian to Portuguese or Spanish .. " ( S.Jonathan , SUDOUEST)


Main venues :

Shanghai (China) - Haifa, Nazareth , Jerusalem , Shefa'Amr (Palestine / Israel ) - Madrid , Barcelona (Spain) - Paris , Bordeaux ( France ) - Berlin (Germany ) - Sucre , La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba , Tarija (Bolivia) - Samara ( Costa Rica )

Discography :
"Solo en Mi Cabeza ", released in 2010 ( Waterfall Music / Mklabel )

Collaborations :

Youssef Abado is also guitarist of THE WACKIDS

Between Nazareth, Bordeaux and Rio de Janeiro ...

Born in Nazareth, from a Palestinian father and a French mother, Youssef ("Joseph") grew up in his native land, in a bustling atmosphere in constant motion, bathed in cross-influences. That’s how his first Prince cassette he purchased in the typical oriental souk of his city, Akka (St John of Acre).

His childhood and adolescence are fed by situations of duality : Palestinian but citizen of Israel, Arab but Christian, Maronite in the midth of Orthodox majority, but to his eastern compatriots, "Arab" for his cousins ​​that he visits during the holidays summer in the south of France ... His reality is that of a member of a minority, but uninhibited, a situation that led him to observe, listen, learn quickly to adapt constantly to any context, while keeping the values of ​​his education and his origins.

Aged 16 he moved to France to finish highschool and attend college. Already musician, he juxtaposes this education time with the multicultural reality of his roots to continue feeding his curiosity : it is in highschool that he created his first rock/funk bands, as a singer. This is also when he discovered the classical Arabic music, by "crying" his homesickness. Then come other partitions of his life, from Science faculty to business studies, to a Political Science Master degree.

It is during these years of study that Youssef ABADO is brought to approach countries that have always attracted him. With the discovery of new horizons as evidence, he plunges lost in a personal quest that leads him to live in southern Italy, Brazil as part of international cooperation, and Bolivia, where it will be for 2 years Director of the French Alliance of Sucre (another paradox : "Arab" and official representative of France in cultural cooperation missions in Latin America...).

Multicultural musician

These strong cultures make a deep impression on him and imbue him intimately: Puglia, Naples, their music, the Mediterranean atmosphere, marked him. He feels "at home" in a way, the same atmosphere, with a different language. Impassioned with football, Rio de Janeiro is one of the few places in the world where Youssef ABADO does not feel foreign, as "the whole world is represented, and anyone can go considered Brazilian" he says. Everything seems simple, even the most complicated music sound so accessible. Youssef is marked by the way Brazilians know how to make things "bonito". This explains how they play and live football... and music ! It is in this country that he got confident in his musical abilities and returned determined to make it his job (& not football player...). His Bolivian experience is itself a fortunate journey accident. An unexpected destination, but "another life opportunity, impossible to refuse"... The role of French Alliance director allows him to see the backstage of the French cultural cooperation in a country that fascinates him by its cultural richness, its connection with the "origins", its joie de vivre, its simplicity. All the Spanish Latin America opens to him. He gets to know the different musical styles that shine on this part of the continent, Bolivia being at the crossroads of all its neighbors.

Backed on his oriental culture, these three countries, and by extension the whole Latin world, South America, but also in Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal , Italy), became his playground and expression ...

My favourite quote:

"Give a monkey a brain and he'll think he's the king of the universe"


I like Macabi Haifa .

I dislike the COLD, and Beitar Jerusalem.


Youssef ABADO the modern troubadour travelling around the world with his guitar, singing to all who wants to hear, is a true citizen of the world. Book Youssef now, either solo, or with a band.