Youssef ABADO - Itinerant Pop World

Youssef ABADO’s music highlights this complex alchemy and his songs reflect his wandering. 
Written and composed in different languages ​​(Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English and French) and in varying musical styles (Oriental, Latin , Soul...), his roaming songs, enriched by many traditions, reflect the contrasts 

that make up his personal journey. 

His debut album "Solo En Mi Cabeza " was recorded, produced and mixed between Bordeaux , Brasilia and Berlin. More about Youssef Abado

Born in Nazareth, to a Palestinian father and a French mother, Youssef ("Joseph") grew up in his native land, bathed in cross-influences.
His childhood and adolescence are fed by situations of duality : Palestinian but citizen of Israel, Arab but Christian, "Maronite" to his Orthodox surroundings, "Arab" to the cousins ​​he visited during the summers in south of France. Aged 16 he moved to France to finish high school and attend college.  

Khalas ma'alesh

Valeu Brazil

Waja rasi


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