Transit Trio is a musical collaboration of three international performers who aim to create music with no borders:


Mira Awad: Singer/Songwriter, half Palestinian half Bulgarian. (See Mira Awad's page)


Joca Perpignan: Percussionist/Vocalist/Songwriter born and raised in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with a multicultural background and over 20 years of international musical experience. At the age of 15 Joca moved to Tel-Aviv and has developed a successful career in both countries, Brazil and Israel. Lately released his second solo album "Manso Balanco"


Marc Kakon: Guitarist/Composer/Vocalist born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1976, now lives in Tel aviv, Israel. Marc is the guitarist for "The Idan Raichel Project", and he is co-producer on Joca Perpignan's album "Manso Balanco", also produces a world music project with his wife Lital Gabai. 


The three artists joined forces to create a very unique and upbeat collaboration, where they perform material from their separate repertoires in special arrangements. The fun and dynamic concert is a remarkable fusion of all their sounds and languages put together: The energetic Moroccan beats, the ever winding Arabic melodies, the joyful Brazilian Bossa novas, and much more. A true a musical bridge between South America , North Africa and the Middle East. More about Transit Trio

Transit Trio - World Collaboration
Transit Trio Music

J.Perpignan - Voz de algodao


M.Awad - Stay

The Transit Trio concerts contain original songs from the repertoire of all members of the trio: Mira Awad contributes her Middle Eastern fusion sound in songs written and composed by her in Arabic and English, Marc Kakon brings the French and the Moroccan languages in songs of his own compositions written on sassy North African beats, and Joca Perpignan adds the sensual Brazilian language and rhythms with songs from his album Manso Balanco.

In addition, the Trio took on the venture of performing multi lingual covers for some well known songs like Jobim's Chega de Saudade and Barbosa's Trem das 11. The multiple languages and styles in the show ensure an ever dynamic experience matching every taste.

What the critiques say...

"And then Transit Trio came on stage. Three gifted musicians: Mira Awad, Joca Perpignan and Marc Kakon. Accompanied by two more musicians, they sang and played the essence of the integrated society: Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, English, Moroccan, French, and even Bulgarian and Persian were heard in a selection of rhythms that merged the mixed roots of the Trio members. In every song, the intertwining languages expressed the cultural and musical roots of these performers, and it sounded so natural, that for a moment it was hard to remember that a joint life in a multicultural society is not to be taken for granted and needs clarification, explanation and hard work. Transit Trio made the audience feel, even if for a mere moment, the harmony that can be created through cultural encounters."

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Transit Trio perform as a trio or with additional musicians.

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