Eran Hollander
Eran Hollander

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Eran Hollander
Eran Hollander

Eran Hollander also gives workshops. Follow link for more info.

Eran Hollander
Eran Hollander

From Jazz to Techno, from Dubstep to World music. watch another video.

Eran Hollander -  Organic Live Looping

Eran Hollander is a performing and recording musician living in Israel, acclaimed mostly for his virtuoso Didjeridoo playing and for his freestyle vocal scatting.

He has been playing the Didjeridoo since 1998, combining it with contemporary music, both instrumental and electronic.

His range goes from Jazz to World fusion, and he performs in Trance festivals as well as in meditations and alternative cultural events.

His debut album Aerodynamics combines studio recordings and live played sessions, giving a taste of the diversity, the playfulness, and the depth of his musical world.

In his current live solo looping performance, Eran uses loop machines and effects to dub his voice, the Didjeridoo, beats and synths, layer upon layer, creating a rich organic playback, totally live!

Being an avid improviser, the set is very dynamic and ranges from Jazz to Techno, and from Dubstep to world music. More about Eran Hollander

Eran Hollander in a special version of the song Nature Boy. Performed and recorded LIVE at Redancing festival 2012.

Eran Hollander Music

Second chances

Good day

Accept and move on

Who knows?

La la loop- Eran Hollander's workshop for voice release

Throughout the workshop, the participants experience liberating and humorous vocal techniques, while the emphasis is not on vocal development nor “professional singing”, but on the experience of singing itself, out of the perception that vocal production without judgement is a pleasurable and liberating experience, a connection to the “here and now”, and a powerful personal expression.

During the workshop, Eran gets the participants acquainted with the electronic musical instruments he uses (The loopers), that allow recording multiple layers of voice, one over the other, thus creating a full and dynamic playback, and he gives them the space to freely experiment with the spontaneity and creativity that those instruments encourage.

The workshop is suitable for all ages.

Length: Around two hours and a half.

Number of participants: 15-30 (Larger groups are possible, with the knowledge that not all participants will get the chance to personally experiment with live looping.)

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Eran's shows are dynamic and range from Jazz to Techno, and from Dubstep to World music.