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Norwegian-born Amiram Eini started playing guitar while still in art school in Norway, Amiram studied fine arts for five years, and it was there that he met fellow artist musicians who taught him his first chords and introduced him to playing music for the first time. He spent hours in the cafeteria in school practicing his guitar while the last layer of paint was drying. After finishing art school Amiram started traveling the world and many times found himself busking, and jamming with various artist. He never thought of himself as a singer, but was continiously writing songs, with the thought of someone else singing them, eventually he came to peace with the idea of performing the songs himself. After playing solo for a few years Amiram founded the band AmiramInc. in early 2005, after gigging and recording for a few years as a solo artist in various clubs in France, Norway, the US and Israel. The band released its debut album, titled Little Defects, in the beginning of 2007. The album was produced by one of Israel's leading producers, Gil Smetana, in collaboration with A-Ha producer Leif Johanssen. It was recorded in Israel, Norway and England and received great response from both media and the audience. The debut single Allright was a huge hit on Israel's no.1 national radio and the Israeli Music Channel. The band played numerous gigs across the country and abroad, touring England with great responses and began to gather a steady following. In December 2009 Amiram

recruited the band and a number of local celebrities to aid African Refugees in Israel, recording and filming a video for the song I Guess I Must Be Wrong to lead a fund raising campaign for Israeli volunteer organizations helping the refugees. A project which Amiram produced and directed himself. This was to be the last project as a band and Amiram embarked on a solo career.

As a solo artist AmiraM continues to create and perform, and has just released his debut solo album "Undefined". He is also combining his visual arts with his concert performances, Playing and exhibiting in various places across the globe. More about AmiraM

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Man you're no lady

Making a mistake

Secret Life


AmiraM - The full story

AmiraM (Amiram Eini) is a multimedia artist. He is featured with his music widely and is performing and exhibiting his art internationally.

Norwegian Israeli, Amiram Eini grew up in Norway where he finished five years of fine arts schooling, specializing in painting. It was also there that he was introduced to the guitar and creating music in general.

He was educated at Rudolph Steiner’s Primary and Lower Secondary School, and the Waizzen House where the focus was on Arts Theater and special education. In 1989 he studied at Elvebakken School of arts, a year later continued at Elisenberg School of Advanced Drawing, then in 1991 studied at Oslo’s School of Art, and in 1993/94 in Norwegian Arts and Craft School. Amiram's music education includes classical singing in Milano, Jazz in Israel, Gospel and musical theater studied in Norway. Immediately after graduating from Oslo's School of Art he moved to Israel, and then to Paris, where he continued to work, drawing heavily from the influences the city had to bring.

Although early influences were as wide as Dali, Delacroix and Norwegian realist Odd Nerdrum, he later found a strong connection to painters like Lucian Freud, and Francis Bacon, as well as Giacometti and Anselm Kiefer.

Amiram spent 7 years based in Paris, although at the time was travelling extensively around the world. He spent multiple long periods in Milano, New York, and London.

Amiram is also schooled in martial arts and was awarded the 2000 European Cup for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
AmiraM has also toured Europe with his music and Performed extensively in Israel, with songs on U.S and Israeli radio.
Amiram is currently exhibiting his works in one of Israel's foremost cultural centers and recently released an album titled Undefined, mixing the two main media types, his work of music and painting.  He also hand painted the album cover.

In 2003 Amiram moved to Israel to connect to the local arts and music scene, comparing Tel Aviv to New York in the 60's for its vibrant artistic scene. Amiram divides his time between his musical projects and multiple visual projects, which were recently exhibited internationally. His performance videos and paintings were exhibited at La Biennale in Venice, and the Hundred Years Gallery in London. He has had solo exhibitions in Tel Aviv’s municipal Galleries, as well as solo exhibitions in Paris and Hamburg.

Ghost song

An AmiraM concert can be combined with an exhibition of his fascinating works and a talk with the audience, thus creating a rich and full experience of this multidisciplinary artist.

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AmiraM is also a successful international model.

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